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Computer Crimes: 13 New Methods Used for Committing The computer abuse is as old as a computer system. The only thing that has changed is the methods of committing such abuse. To be able to cope with computer crime, it is necessary to understand the methods used for committing such crimes. (a) False data entry: False data entry is one of most simple, safe and thus common types of computer abuses. Types of Computer Crimes | criminal The illegal selling and trafficking of drugs online is one of many computer crimes currently being committed. Everyone has received spam e-mail regarding prescription drugs online. This is an example of the illegal sale of narcotics online and it falls into the category of serious computer crimes. Computer Crime Statutes

It has facilitated these types of computer crimes by providing a cheaper, faster and very efficient means of transferring information. For instance an electronic mail gives an option of sending information to more than 10 people within seconds. These are examples of some of the most common types of computer crimes.

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Jun 20, 2016

Types of Computer Crimes | Types of Everything Types of Computer Crimes Published on: Feb 25 2018 by Shenron As we know computer crime is type of criminal activities in which information technology is used to gain an illegal access without any approval for the special purpose of damaging or deleting some kind of computer data and also crime like electronic frauds as well as misuse of many What is Computer Crime? Mar 06, 2020 Types Of Computer Crimes | Types Of