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George Clooney won hearts on "ER," the dysfunctional folks at Dunder Mifflin made "The Office" memorable, and "Game of Thrones" is still one of the best shows on TV. Aiming to name a different program every year, we used Nielsen ratings, award nominations, and our own takes to choose the most popular show airing on TV from every year since 1967. List of most watched television broadcasts in the United The following is the list of the most watched single-network television broadcasts in the United States by average viewership according to Nielsen.Twenty-nine of the thirty most watched broadcasts are Super Bowls, of which Super Bowl XLIX, with 114.4 million viewers, is number one.The most watched non-Super Bowl broadcasts are the finale of M*A*S*H in 1983 (106 million viewers), Dallas's 1980 The 100 Best TV Shows on Netflix, Ranked (July 2020) - Paste

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TV Reruns Page In this page you can find the listing of the most popular TV Show reruns on regular TV or Cable. Also find out if a tv show or series is on Netflix or/and hulu. Enjoy again and again your favorite shows. Please check local listing for schedule . Select Show wpDataTable with provided ID not found! TV Rerun List Netflix’s 10 Most Popular TV Series Releases Ranked From Worst To Best. Netflix has released statistics of their most popular titles, but the most-watched show might not necessarily be the best. Apr 10, 2020 · A great TV show can become a dear part of your life like few movies or books are able to. You spend years — and countless hours — getting to know the characters better than you know most of your own friends. And when the series finally comes to an end, it feels like saying goodbye to someone you love.

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