Travel with your magicJack device so that you never miss a call from family, friends, or work. Connect Any Way You Want Using your high-speed internet to receive unlimited calls on telephone, computer, or mobile phone.

I have used magicjack for over 5 years and have used all versions of the device.You need a high speed internet connection to use this device.The magicjack GO includes 1 year of phone service.After that it is $35 a year($3 a month).It also includes use of the magicjack app on your android or apple phone or tablet,as well as on an ipod touch.I One of MagicJack's unique advantages is that it doesn't require a computer if you have a broadband Internet connection. All you need to do is attach the little, black MagicJack Plus Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to your Ethernet cord and phone cord, while plugging it into a power outlet. You may now elect to choose the feature allowing you to make free outgoing calls over the Internet. You can make free calls to other MagicJack device users located anywhere in the world, and to subscribers on traditional telephone networks or wireless networks in the United States. Jun 14, 2020 · All you need is the Yealink T21P-E2 VoIP phone sold by magicJack and a high-speed Internet connection. It is unclear whether getting the phone from another retailer would work but we are betting not since the one you get from the company comes pre-loaded with their software. It is for "Premium Support" (they give you a different phone number to call,) and discounts on replacement devices. Because MagicJack runs off of wireless internet, you need to have a good connection for MagicJack to work when dialing out or receiving calls. Review of the magicJack GO Introducing magicJack GO, VocalTec's latest offering to their VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) customers, ideal for those on a budget. magicJack has established a loyal following with their previous products, such as the Desktop-only magicJack, magicJack+ (utilized RJ45 ports/connectors), and magicJack Plus 2014. With each release of a new magicJack product comes After that, magicJack users pay for annual magicJack Internet phone service in 1- or 5-year increments. Renewing year by year results in a $29.95/year annual fee. A 5-year plan lowers the annual cost of either magicJack adapter to $19.95/year. magicJack Internet phone service offers free local and long-distance calls to the US; Canada; Puerto Rico

Aug 15, 2010 · For $40 (plus $20 per year), MagicJack's USB VoIP dongle will let you make free unlimited telephone-to-telephone calls, but this week the company's announced MagicTalk, a piece of software for

MagicJack has evolved over the years. The older models used to need an active PC at all times to receive calls. This meant missing out on calls for a lot of people. The newer model connects straight to the router or modem. You don’t even need a PC anymore. All you need is an active broadband internet service. You can also keep your old phone THE APP DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY EMERGENCY CALLING OR TEXTING CAPABILITY. You are responsible for obtaining or accessing third party products and services required to use the Services (such as a compatible smart phone or tablet and high-speed internet access) and for paying any fees for such third-party products and services.

Oct 14, 2011 · what is the difference between the magic jack and the magic jack plus? I heard about it and I was wondering what's new? Thanks in advance

Jun 21, 2009 · You don't have to have a landline for magicjack, all you need is high-speed internet like you already have. The price is good on the service, but you might want to do a little more checking on magicjack's reliability. This is just my opinion formed by feedback from customers while working in electronics retail. Oct 14, 2011 · what is the difference between the magic jack and the magic jack plus? I heard about it and I was wondering what's new? Thanks in advance Nov 14, 2012 · Step-by-Step instructions how to use the MagicJack Plus device without a computer. MagicJack Plus makes it simple and easy for you to make unlimited phone calls to U.S and Canada.